zaterdag 19 september 2009

The Ayatollahs of Achill????

Pirate Peti writes: "It has come to pass that the flag of the Ayatollahs of Iran is flying over the Slievemore mountain. Has Achill been invaded by the Axis of Evil or is it in honour of visiting dignitaries of disreputable character? Nobody seems to know. The girl at Bretts Newsagents thinks the flag's there because it adds the traditional County Mayo colours of green and red to the festivities surrounding the annual Achill Regatta."
Photo: Peti

zaterdag 12 september 2009

The Men Behind the New Bathroom

PJ and Tony Kilbane, father and son, are two of the men working on the new bathroom extension at the back of the house. Tony does the plastering.

zaterdag 5 september 2009

It's All Go in Polranny!

The pantry and the shower behind the kitchen have been demolished and are being replaced with an extension with the latest, state-of-the-art amenities. Fortunately for our guests there is still the bathroom upstairs, which is also the best place for watching the local wildlife.
Photos: Peti