zaterdag 29 mei 2010

Magda, Prosper and Stanley

In the house, we've cooked each day on the Stanley range. You need thirty minutes to get the fire really going, but after that if you add some wood once every twenty minutes and poke it around a bit, you'll end up with a really hot hot plate. You have to light the fire from above: just lift up the left-hand hot plate and you can get to it. By opening the small door beneath the fire, you will let in more oxygen and make it burn more intensely. The hot plate on the left-hand side is really warm, and is suitable for frying and roasting. The one in the middle is good for boiling potatoes, and the right-hand one is slightly cooler and can used for simmering or keeping yourself warm. Turf briquettes keep the fire going, and wood gives the heat that's needed to get the food cooked properly. And after the meal, it's still warm enough to make tea and coffee. The rest of the evening you can keep the fire smouldering. If need be, you can open the oven door so as to let more heat into the kitchen.

Photo: Magda

zaterdag 22 mei 2010

ET in Mulranny???

As Magda writes in her journal: "One day, when we were standing next to the Spar supermarket in Mulranny, gazing at the magnificent spectacle of storm clouds and sunshine, an old man with a roll-up between his fingers peered at us inquisitively. He'd also seen that it was beautiful. Then he began to talk to us. It sounded like he was drunk, but after a while we began to get used to the sounds, and we could make out words such as "beautiful!" and "universe". He made sweeping gestures in the direction of the water and the clouds. Patches of blue sky were reflected in his eyes. Suddenly Prosper understood what he was talking about and repeated his words: "There must be life on other planets". "Yeah!", the man replied and they threw their arms around each other. From that point onwards, Prosper and the man understood each other perfectly.

Not so long ago, Prosper had made a documentary of the "science" of extraterrestials ( So that's why they got so well. The man had to take the bus that was waiting in front of the petrol station. But Prosper and the man could just as easily have rushed to the nearest pub and had a great night together. Perhaps it's just as well that the man caught the bus..."

Photo: Magda. Click so that you can spot extraterrestials

zaterdag 15 mei 2010

New Guests at the House

Artist Magda and documentary film-maker Prosper recently stayed at the house in Polranny. In her journal, Magda describes her first impressions: "For us Ireland was terra incognita, so we were dying to explore it. Once we arrived at the house, we looked at the map and decided that we would first visit the seaside village of Keel on Achill Island. It's located on the southerly part of the Island, so with the sun hovering above the water just as it does in the Netherlands. As we drove to the Island, dark clouds and brief showers alternated with rays of sunshine. We passed mountain tops that were hidden by mist. Breathtakingly beautiful. Then we arrived at a tiny harbour littered with abandoned boats, fishing nets, piles of rubble and crab skeletons. A small boat appeared out of the waves and headed for the harbour. Men in wet suits got out of it. They were tidying up their gear; we didn't ask them what they'd been doing but it was a fascinating sight. And there were sheep and lambs everywhere! I wanted to make a photo of the sheep because they have such pretty black heads, but they're difficult to approach. The only way to get closer to them was in the car. Finally I managed to get a picture of a fleeing sheep!"

Photo" Magda

zaterdag 8 mei 2010

The Old Car

The Pirates' Old Car - seen here with friends Astrid and Floortje - which has now been replaced with the New Car, or rather the Slightly Less Ancient Car.

Photo: Annie

zaterdag 1 mei 2010

Where's Summer?

Pirate Bert with our friends Jane and Al in a desperate search for summer.
Photo: Annie