zaterdag 31 augustus 2013

zaterdag 24 augustus 2013


Fossilised coral dating from the mists of time
when Ireland was a tropical swamp. Found by Pirate
Photo: ©Profoundly Superficial

zaterdag 17 augustus 2013


...suddenly they appear and then they're gone again.
Photo: ©Profoundly Superficial

zaterdag 10 augustus 2013

Agnes Dei

Agnes is our secret house god. Her job is
to ensure that the roof doesn't blow off during
the winter storms. So far she's succeeded.
Photo: ©Profoundly Superficial

zaterdag 3 augustus 2013

Pure Magic

Pure Magic is a kite surfers' centre near Keel.
Great coffee, delicious home-made bread.
Photo: ©Profoundly Superficial