zaterdag 28 juli 2012

Santa's Little Helper?

No, it's one of the workmen kindly fixing the chimney of
the house.

Photo: Riny

zaterdag 21 juli 2012

Watery World...

... at the magical Achill Secret Garden, which belongs
to our friends Willem and Doutsje.

Photo: Riny

zaterdag 14 juli 2012

Shiny and new

The Pirates have acquired a shiny, new garage so that the
car will be well protected against the winter snows.

Photo: Riny

zondag 8 juli 2012

Fixing the roof

New beams have been added to the Folly as part of
the recent renovation work. All we need now is a
roof and few other bits and pieces so that our visitors
can use this space to create, dream and find inspiration!
Photo: Bertje