zaterdag 22 oktober 2011

Tree from the Dawn of Time

Almost 5,000 years ago, this scots pine was part of a mighty forest in Stone Age Ireland. Then it tumbled over and was preserved to this day by the local peat bog. I love its swirling ripples. They make you want to stroke it, which of course I did.
Photo: Profoundly Superficial

zaterdag 15 oktober 2011

Suviving the Storm

Instead of curling up in the safety of his nice warm burrow,this bedraggled bunny ventured out into the storm in search of food. He spent at least an hour solemnly munching his grass in the pouring rain before lolloping off back home again.

Photo: © Profoundly Superficial, Ireland

zaterdag 8 oktober 2011

Autumn trim

The front lawn has just been mowed for one last time before winter.

Photo: Mike Wilson

zaterdag 1 oktober 2011

Hunger Road

This stunningly beautiful road alongside Killary Fjord was built in the 1840s. It was part of a project to create work for people who would have otherwise starved during the Great Hunger. They received food as payment.

Photo: © Profoundly Superficial