zaterdag 26 juni 2010

Little Faces from the Past

Two more historic photos of Tonragee National School, which is still located just down the road from the house in Polranny. In fact next year the School will celebrate its centenary and there are plans for a book about the last hundred years. Doubtless many descendants of these kids still live in or around the village, while others will have been part of the "Scattering", the successive waves of Irish emigration to countries such as England and the United States. Hopefully they too will make their way back to Mayo in time for the festivities.

Photos courtesy of Charles Tyrrell.

zaterdag 19 juni 2010

Tonragee National School

This is Tonragee National School where Peter and Margaret Sweeney taught, the couple who lived with their daughters Patty and Gretta at the Pirates' house in the early 20th century. Peter is standing at the back on the far right-hand side. But Margaret's absent. Maybe one of her girls had just been born. In her place - and standing to the left - is their aunt Bridget Flynn.

Many thanks to Charles Tyrell, Patty's son, for the use of this photo. Click to enlarge. It's well worth it!

zaterdag 12 juni 2010

Patty's Parents

Here are Patty's parents, Peter and Margaret Sweeney, photographed in Westport in approximately 1906.The little girl isn't Patty, it's her big sister Gretta. Were they already living at the house in Polranny? Had they just started teaching at the National School in the neighbouring village of Tonragee? Whatever the truth, it must have been a busy and exciting time for them and their young family!
Photo courtesy of Charles Tyrrell, Patty's son

zaterdag 5 juni 2010

A House With History

The house in Polranny is more than a hundred years old, so many people have lived here before the Pirates and their friends. This is Patty Sweeney with an armful of kittens including a princely Siamese. She lived here with her parents, Peter and Margaret, who were teachers in Tonragee National School just down the road.

Many thanks to Patty's son Charles Tyrrell for the use of this photo.