zaterdag 25 augustus 2012


The flowers are pretty but the thorns are fearsome, gorse is plentiful on the boglands surrounding the house. You can hear its seed pods popping in the summer.

Photo: Riny

zaterdag 18 augustus 2012

Local Tourist Attraction: Achill Henge

Achill Henge, which is based on Stonehenge in England, was built in just two nights by local businessman Joe McNamara. The reason is vague. As one local pub put it: "Nobody knows."

Whatever the truth, it attracts a steady stream of visitors and is well worth seeing.

This atmospheric photo was taken by recent Pirate guest Jet Manrho.

zaterdag 11 augustus 2012

Lost in Thought

Pirate Peti on Keel Beach.

Photo: Riny

zaterdag 4 augustus 2012

New DVDs...

... to be added to the considerable collection in the
back bedroom/private cinema.

Photo: Riny