zaterdag 13 maart 2010

Peti's Arrival

On her last day in Polranny, Pirate guest Bernadette writes: "Just as I was sitting down at the kitchen table with two sandwiches and a cup of tea, Peti arrived from the Netherlands after taking a few detours. It was the first time we'd met face-to-face.

As we divided up the sandwiches and I made her a cup of tea, she told me about not only how she came to own the house but also the origins of the Polranny Pirates. It turns out that I'm the very first guest to rent the house on her own!

In the afternoon, we drove around Achill Island and climbed the highest mountain where our heads were almost in the clouds.

Photo of Peti and Clew Bay by Bernadette

zaterdag 6 maart 2010

A Quiet Day

After all her bike adventures, Polranny guest Bernadette decided to take it easy: "Today I cycled to Mulranny; it's dry, sunny and there's lots of wind. Right from a distance, I could see a painting palette on a red easel at the side of the road. Indeed the landscape is extremely painterly. Once I arrive at the School of Painting, I take a look inside at paintings of this landscape by a variety of different artists.

Back home and tired from all the walking and cycling of the last few days, I opt for an early night."

Photo: Annie, the view from the bedroom window.