zaterdag 25 maart 2017

Inspiring Source Materials...

...documented by artist Marian Bijlenga during her recent residency with the Polranny Pirates.

zaterdag 18 maart 2017


Definitely the sword of Brian Boru, 10th century High King of Ireland. 
Needless to say it has been added to the Polranny Pirates' plunder trove. 

zaterdag 11 maart 2017


...trying caught trying to break into the Polranny Pirates' garage!  

zaterdag 4 maart 2017

Mystery Lady

This mystery lady came to say hello high up in the hills near Polranny 
Pirates' house. PS The view is spectacular! 

zaterdag 25 februari 2017

In Ireland...

...cats wear reading glasses when perusing the newspaper.

zaterdag 18 februari 2017

zaterdag 11 februari 2017


A tiny village clinging on to the edge of Europe.

zaterdag 4 februari 2017

As Twilight Falls...

Nature's fireworks at nearby Clew Bay. ©

zaterdag 28 januari 2017

The Great Hunger of 1845 to 1852

Virtually overnight potato blight turned Ireland into a country of mass starvation, emigration and abandoned homes and fields. To this day, the Irish landscape is pitted with  famine-era ruins and undulating potato fields.

zaterdag 21 januari 2017

Mind Bending Drugs?

Or a summer's day in the Wild West of Ireland?

zaterdag 14 januari 2017

Magnificent Weather...

...for dolphins, seals and me. In some circles, I'm known as the bad weather photographer.

zaterdag 7 januari 2017

The View from the Mountain

In the distance the Croagh Patrick - a holy mountain - and Clew Bay,
a place for pirates and smugglers.

zaterdag 31 december 2016

St. Brendan

A sculpture adorning the Polranny Pirates' house that depicts the miraculous
voyage of St. Brendan into the unknown. In bright sunshine he and his boat
appear to be levitating. ©

zaterdag 24 december 2016

Polranny Pirates Love Animals

Especially Nelly. Who could resist that doleful
expression? ©

zaterdag 17 december 2016


A monument to the Titanic disaster in the tiny Irish
village of Addergoole. Fourteen of the passengers were
from this area and only three of them survived.

zaterdag 10 december 2016

The View...

...from the Polranny Pirates' garden. ©

zaterdag 3 december 2016

Errew Abbey, Lough Conn

Errew Abbey was founded in the 7th century. Legend has it that a sacred
relic from the Abbey lay at the bottom of Lough Conn for centuries
before it floated to the surface. ©

zaterdag 26 november 2016

The Folly Studio (2)

The house that Bertha Hogervorst built with a little help from her friends 
- as seen from the front. ©

zaterdag 19 november 2016

The Folly Studio

The house that Bertje Hogervorst built with a little help from her 
friends - as seen from the back. ©

zaterdag 12 november 2016

This is What It's All About!

Walking in an astonishing landscape with the one you love!
©, Ballycroy National Park

zaterdag 5 november 2016

Sea Monster

The spider crab is the largest of its sort in Ireland. Its carapace grows up
to six inches (15 cms) while its leg span can reach twenty inches
or 50 cms. But that's nothing compared to the Japanese spider crab
that, claw to claw, measures a mighty twelve foot or 3.8 metres!

zaterdag 29 oktober 2016

zaterdag 22 oktober 2016

zaterdag 15 oktober 2016

Travelling Teds Alfie and Rory...

...loved up and blissed out at the Polranny Pirates' Folly studio.

zaterdag 8 oktober 2016

zaterdag 1 oktober 2016

zaterdag 24 september 2016

Sheep Path

Q: Disoriented in Ireland and can't find your way home?
A: Follow the sheep path. They always know the best and safest route.


zaterdag 17 september 2016

zaterdag 10 september 2016

A Young Hare

One of a large family that has favoured the Polranny Pirates' garden 
for many generations now.

zaterdag 3 september 2016

Beautiful Geraniums...

...waiting to be planted in the Polranny Pirates' large and rambling garden.

zaterdag 27 augustus 2016

A Mighty Tree...

...named after a mighty woman, the activist and scholar Angela Davis. 
Both sport an impressive 'fro! The tree dominates the Polranny Pirates' garden.

zaterdag 20 augustus 2016


Being by the Irish sea makes you hallucinate! must be the extra oxygen...

zaterdag 13 augustus 2016

A Wild Irish Orchid

Discovered in the peat boglands behind the Pirates' house in Polranny.

zaterdag 6 augustus 2016

Water World

Discovered in the peat bog lands behind the Pirates' house in Polranny.

zaterdag 30 juli 2016